American Companies and the Legalization of Marijuana

Although the American people and government are coming to terms with cannabis legalization, the business world still has ways to go. According to a new survey from Paychex, most American companies are not at all prepared to handle the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana.

The issue leads to many questions for the companies, according to Forbes. Questions such as do we fire workers automatically for testing positive for marijuana; do we test them at all; do we let medical marijuana cardholders slide; do we enforce a zero-tolerance policy?

This means that despite the legalization at the state level, American workers might have to worry about enjoying legal marijuana. The poll found that only 42% of companies are “very prepared” to deal with their employees’ medical marijuana use. 24% said they were “somewhat prepared,” and 34% said they were “not prepared” at all.

When it comes to recreational marijuana, only 39% of employers say they are ready with respect to full-blown legalization, however, 38% said they are on in the dark on how to manage workers and weed.

70% of these businesses were receptive to their personnel using medical marijuana but only 58% were okay with recreational use.

“Marijuana legalization for medical or recreational use introduces new complexities for businesses to navigate when it comes to workplace drug enforcement policies. While marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, the legalization in each jurisdiction varies and may require business owners, especially those operating in multiple states, to comply in different capacities. Developing appropriate policies for industries with employees operating heavy machinery, for example, may present unique challenges,” said Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO.

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