Another Shot at New Jersey Legalization of Marijuana

State Senate President, Stephen Sweeney, told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, that he would like to take “one more run” at legalizing marijuana in New Jersey. Gov. Phil Murphy felt encouraged by that and wants to see it happen.

“I was happy to hear that. Getting something to happen sooner if we have a real shot at it, I’d be all in for that,” Murphy said.

Three months ago, Sweeney announced he was stopping efforts to pass the bill as the leaders of the state Legislature couldn’t gather enough votes. This would put the decisions up to the voters to decide in the November 2020 ballot referendum.

Sweeney has switched his view as he said he’s “not going to give up trying” to get the legalization of marijuana through later in this year.

The legalization of marijuana would allow leaders to easily mold and regulate the new marijuana industry and if it waits till next year’s election, consuming weed legally wouldn’t happen until early 2021 the earliest, which doesn’t help those continually getting arrested for pot offenses. In 2017, New Jersey had arrested 34,500 people on marijuana offenses, more than any other state.

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