Colorado Will Allow Marijuana Delivery and Tasting Rooms Soon

Starting next year, Colorado marijuana customers could begin getting their purchases delivered at home, like pizza. And people seeking to use marijuana socially could consume what they buy in tasting rooms or bring-your-own-pot establishments. Both will depend on whether your local government has opted in. It’s now up to mayors, city council members and county commissioners to decide whether they want to allow consumption spaces and marijuana delivery within their borders. The options are more likely to be embraced in cities such as Denver, which already has a small-scale social use licensing program, but they may be eschewed by more conservative places such as Colorado Springs, which lobbied the legislature for the chance to say no.

Home delivery, under House Bill 1234, can start first for medical marijuana to patients with red cards, in January. A year later, at the start of 2021, recreational shops and third-party delivery services will be able to get in the game. The new services could even use app-based ordering, though there are significant security precautions required. The restrictions include not only that each town, city or county gets to decide whether to opt in, but also whether they want to allow deliveries to residents within their boundaries from dispensaries based elsewhere. In any case, college campuses and dormitories are off-limits, and customers must meet age the current thresholds — 18 for medical, 21 for recreational.

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