Despite Missing Deadline, Three Medical Marijuana Growers Approved

Despite missing a key state deadline earlier this month, three more medical marijuana growers won final licenses to cultivate the drug. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission voted to grant approval for three of the five companies that had missed the deadline to be operational by August 15, 2017. The other two firms were granted formal extensions. The decisions come as marijuana regulators have been criticized for how they select and approve companies to launch Maryland’s medical marijuana growing industry.

Baltimore is ready for 11 medical marijuana businesses to open. Nine of those businesses met t4he state’s one-year deadline to be ready to start growing. The decision made this Monday, August 28th, means that all but one of the 15 initial winners are on track to be first suppliers in the market. So far, just one dispensary has been approved to sell the drug to patients. More than 12,000 people have registered to use marijuana, though they must first receive a recommendation from a physician.

Frank T. Luciano is a lifetime member of the legal committee for National Reformation of Marijuana Laws. He has over 40 years of experience defending drug cases.

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