Giant Marijuana Bundle Launched over Mexico Border

On August 27, 2017, Border Patrol agents in Arizona seized an almost 100-pound bundle of marijuana they saw fly over the border fence. A surveillance video caught the bundle in the air over the fence from Mexico to the United States. Border Patrol agents found the bundle wrapped in plastic and believe it has a total worth of about $48,000.

The launching of massive bundles of pot over the border fence has posed a great danger to nearby businesses and residents because of their weight, according to spokeswoman Stephanie Dixon. Border Patrol agents are still not sure of what drug smugglers used to launch the particular package over the fence, but are aware that, in the past, they have used air cannons and home-made catapults. The event took place exactly one day after President Donald Trump visited Arizona and reestablished his interest in building a wall to stop the flow of drugs from Mexico. With occurrences such as this, many of Trump’s critics state that his wall will do little to nothing to stop smugglers. The area where the marijuana landed is near some businesses, but the Border Patrol hasn’t reported any damage from Wednesday’s incident nor have agents made any arrests.

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