New Research Shows All Marijuana Strains Basically The Same

One of the biggest selling points of the cannabis industry has been a variety of strains that give the user a unique buzz that caters to his or her specific needs.. There are strains for people who want to maintain a more functional high, and others for those looking to relax at the end of the grueling day. Despite this, researchers have determined that all variations of cannabis contain relatively the same amount of THC and CBD. In a statement for Science Magazine, chemistry professor Elizabeth Mudge of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan stated that, “[a] high abundance compound in a plant, such as THC or CBD, isn’t necessarily responsible for the unique medicinal effects of certain strains.”

Strains ‘Blue Dream’ and ‘Afghan Kush’ are vastly different in overall effect. The Blue Dream provides an introspective buzz that almost seems to give the user the power to solve all of the world’s problems, while Afghan Kush brings more of a body high with the ability to knock out bouts of high anxiety. Still, the latest science, which was established following an exploration of 33 strains from 5 licensed providers, shows there isn’t much difference in any of these breeds and the THC content can be identical between these two classification groups.

Researchers say their findings do not discount the idea that different strains provide the user with varied medicinal benefits. The study simply shows there is so much more going on than just THC and CBD levels. Most consumers are unaware that there are somewhere around 100 cannabinoids at work in any given strain because markets only require producers to show the THC and CBD content. This report could be a blow to the companies pushing for CBD-only medicine. While each cannabinoid has a specific function, dissecting the plant to death does not provide the consumer with the truth about the powers of the cannabis plant.

Frank T. Luciano has almost 40 years of experience in defending drug cases in Hackensack and elsewhere. He is also a lifetime member of the legal committee of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

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