Secret Service- Losing Too Many Applicants by Banning Habitual Weed Users

Former cannabis users won’t have as tough of a time applying for the Secret Service. CNN reported that the agency tasked with protecting the president’s life is hoping to grow their ranks by loosening their marijuana policy. In the past, the Secret Service had a cap on the number of times a person could consume cannabis before they were considered unfit for duty. Now, they will take into consideration how long a person has gone since the last time they touched a joint, vape, edible, etc. The new policy will no longer disqualify job applicants as readily as the previous rules.

Hypothetically speaking, a person who gave up pot 4 years ago could still be considered for the job even if they were a chronic user back in the day. Unfortunately, the agency did not provide specifics abut the new cannabis policy. Despite this, the public does know why this move was made. The sudden change to the drug policy shows that there is an acknowledgment of the fact that marijuana is now more prevalent in society. It also shows an acceptance of the fact that a majority of those who apply are from the younger generation. The chances that the younger generation applicants have experimented with marijuana are higher and this change is an effort to make the hiring process more accessible to them.

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