Switching from Alcohol to Marijuana, for Your Health.

If alcohol were under the same scrutiny for its health impact that marijuana continues to be, bars would not be allowed to exist. What we know about alcohol from impact studies shows it to be a public health crisis that continues year-after-year. Excessive alcohol use has been tied to heart disease, fatty liver, cirrhosis, depression, dementia and other life altering conditions. There are approximately 2,200 alcohol poisoning deaths each year in the U.S. That is an average of six a day. Marijuana specialists in the know will be quick to remind you that cannabis is not considered lethal at any reasonable dose.

In both American and Canadian studies, about 40 percent of patients have shown to replace alcohol with marijuana use when given the option. The studies seem to foreshadow public choices in the marketplace. The Cannabis Consumer Group predicted that the beer industry alone would stand to lose $2 billion in annual sales if legal marijuana were available in all 50 states. Consumers of all ages may appreciate and benefit medicinal qualities of cannabis as a remedy for inflammation, chronic and neuropathic pain, GI issues, as well, as insomnia and a host of other conditions.

Large numbers of patients are ahead of the curve and have substituted their pharma meds for marijuana. Medicaid records have shown a substantial decrease in pharmaceutical reimbursements in states that have medical marijuana available. Though marijuana is not without risk, it’s tough to argue against an intoxicant that is exponentially safer than alcohol.

Frank T. Luciano has almost 40 years of experience in defending drug and DWI/DUI cases in Hackensack and elsewhere. He is also a lifetime member of the legal committee of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

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"Mr. Luciano freed my mind of anxiety right from the start. A consummate professional. He explained all options on defense and guided me to the one I followed with excellent results. Best of all, he is reasonable. Relax and let his knowledge (the magic) work."

From a former client

"First thing I want to tell is that I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person like you and without question, the best lawyer in this world. I am very grateful for everything you did for me. I want to let you know that I'm doing good and if you ever think of coming to . . . for vacation don't forget to contact me. Thanks again Mr. Luciano and please say hello to that kind lady that answers the phone with pleasure every time I called."

From a former client with a First Degree Distribution Charge

"In my distraction focusing on my . . . trial, I failed to ask you how things went with . . . I watched and learned from you throughout that case and greatly admire the consummsate attorney that I hoped to emulate. I witnessed how very hard you worked and how you left no stone unturned. I hope the case worked out for you and your clients. If it did not (and I hope it did) it was not for lack of the effect on your part which was humbling."

From an adversary in a case where we ultimately returned a verdict of $2,069,000

"My family and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work on my case. I feel like I can live my life normally again and it feels awesome. You are truly a professional and wonderful attorney."

From a former client charged with a serious weapons offense

"At the time, I was mortified because, having only worked against you in the Prosecutor’s Office, I couldn’t picture being on the same side. Frank, I want to thank you for the pleasure of having worked with you over the past years. I have learned a great deal from you. Most importantly, I learned that cases were not always as black and white as I thought they were when I worked for the Prosecutor’s Office. You are a wonderful attorney who not only works hard, but also cares deeply about his clients. Frank, I think you are the best."

From a former investigator of a county prosecutor’s office and retired private investigator

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