Washington Cannabis Regulator Approves New Marijuana Candy Regulations

After much debate, Washington state will not move to ban pot-infused candies and gummies after all. Despite this, there will be some changes to the candies and gummies. The Cannabis Board and Washington State Liquor finalized a policy which places limits on the shapes and colors that the marijuana-infused edibles can have, but it does not forbid the edibles in totality. The new rules advise pot companies to stray away from bright colors and stick with standard colors provided to them in a pantone color book for both packaging and product. The new policy will also place limits on the shapes of edibles, with exception for things with natural coloring. The Washing State Liquor Board said that the color list will be available in January of 2019.

Ahead of their formal announcement, the Liquor and Cannabis Board released a memo that reviewed the process of the past few months, including draft policy decisions that outlines the proposed regulations. The document also outlined the implementation for the policy, they expect to take about 10 months once the new requirements are adopted and standard operating procedures are in place.
During that time, retailers would have about nine months to sell off existing inventory. Anything remaining after that time should be allowed to be re-sold.

Currently, the LCB expects all edible makers will have to resubmit their products for approval by January 2020. Vicki Christophersen, executive director of the Washington CannaBusiness Association, stated, “[w]e applaud the Liquor and Cannabis Board for their careful re-evaluation of their announcement earlier this year regarding cannabis-infused edibles.”

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