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One mistake or lapse in judgment should not define your entire life. But without the proper criminal defense team on your side, a simple DUI, drug charge or violent crime could cost you thousands of dollars, jeopardize your livelihood and/or lead to prison time. NJ criminal defense attorney Frank T. Luciano is here to make sure that does not happen to you. With over 40 years of experience and many cases won for his clients, your future and your freedom could not be in better hands.

Mr. Luciano is an accomplished defense lawyer with extensive trial experience throughout all areas of NJ, including Bergen, Passaic and Hudson counties. No matter what kind of charge you are facing, no matter how severe or how many prior offenses you have, Mr. Luciano’s unrivaled combination of experience, expertise and toughness will put you in the best position to avoid extensive jail time and hefty fines. Most importantly, he will keep your name and your record clean.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bergen, Passaic and Hudson Counties

One of the most common and most damaging errors people make when they are accused or charged with a crime is waiting too long to seek legal representation. When your freedom is on the line, every single second counts. Mr. Luciano is prepared to represent you in a wide range of criminal cases, including those that involve:

His near four decades of experience means there’s virtually nothing he hasn’t seen and no type of case he hasn’t won. Whether you need to avoid jail time, lower your fines or reduce your charges, there’s no better criminal defense attorney for the job than Mr. Luciano. He has helped countless people in your situation avoid ruining their lives. You are invited to be Mr. Luciano’s next success story.

New Jersey Legal Defense Experts

The prosecution is crafting a strategy to put you behind bars and/or fine you heavily. Every second wasted is an advantage given to the prosecution, which is the exact opposite of what you want. You need to act right now.

Mr. Luciano will gather all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case and create an airtight defensive strategy for you – whether that entails negotiating a favorable plea deal or taking your case to trial. One thing you can be certain of when choosing Mr. Luciano to represent you is that you will get his undivided attention. Unlike many other lawyers in the area who are more concerned with earning money than earning favorable outcomes for their clients, Mr. Luciano does not run a litigation mill and is highly selective in the clients he represents.

If you’re facing a criminal charge in Hackensack, Paterson, Jersey City, Newark, Lodi or anywhere else in NJ, there’s no time to waste. Frank T. Luciano, P.C. is eager to speak with you and to begin discussing your case and a defense strategy to limit the legal recourse. To get started with an initial consultation, contact Mr. Luciano today at 973-471-0004.

Our Client Testimonials

"Mr. Luciano freed my mind of anxiety right from the start. A consummate professional. He explained all options on defense and guided me to the one I followed with excellent results. Best of all, he is reasonable. Relax and let his knowledge (the magic) work."

From a former client

"First thing I want to tell is that I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person like you and without question, the best lawyer in this world. I am very grateful for everything you did for me. I want to let you know that I'm doing good and if you ever think of coming to . . . for vacation don't forget to contact me. Thanks again Mr. Luciano and please say hello to that kind lady that answers the phone with pleasure every time I called."

From a former client with a First Degree Distribution Charge

"In my distraction focusing on my . . . trial, I failed to ask you how things went with . . . I watched and learned from you throughout that case and greatly admire the consummsate attorney that I hoped to emulate. I witnessed how very hard you worked and how you left no stone unturned. I hope the case worked out for you and your clients. If it did not (and I hope it did) it was not for lack of the effect on your part which was humbling."

From an adversary in a case where we ultimately returned a verdict of $2,069,000

"My family and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work on my case. I feel like I can live my life normally again and it feels awesome. You are truly a professional and wonderful attorney."

From a former client charged with a serious weapons offense

"At the time, I was mortified because, having only worked against you in the Prosecutor’s Office, I couldn’t picture being on the same side. Frank, I want to thank you for the pleasure of having worked with you over the past years. I have learned a great deal from you. Most importantly, I learned that cases were not always as black and white as I thought they were when I worked for the Prosecutor’s Office. You are a wonderful attorney who not only works hard, but also cares deeply about his clients. Frank, I think you are the best."

From a former investigator of a county prosecutor’s office and retired private investigator

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