Cocaine Possession

Experienced Hackensack Cocaine Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

The decisions you make after being arrested for cocaine possession or distribution in NJ will shape your future. Possession of cocaine is regarded as possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) and comes with a 5-year maximum prison sentence. However, if this is your first drug offense, you may be eligible for probation or other alternatives to incarceration. Even if this is not your first offense, you may still have options to avoid jail time.

Hackensack criminal defense attorney Frank T. Luciano has spent nearly four decades defending people charged with drug crimes in Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson counties. If you’ve recently been charged with possession of cocaine or selling cocaine, you owe it to yourself and your family to speak to a lawyer immediately. Mr. Luciano will examine your case from all angles, review your options with you and ensure that you get the best outcome possible. He has already helped dozens of people in your exact situation avoid jail time and fines in nearly 40 years as a criminal defense attorney.

New Jersey Cocaine Possession Laws

  • Possession is a third degree crime with a maximum fine of $35,000.
  • Offenders are also subject to mandatory drug rehab and suspension of driver’s license.

Your potential sentence will vary based on the unique circumstances surrounding your alleged possession, the amount of previous convictions you have, the amount of cocaine you were carrying and arguments that can be made in your favor. If convicted of any drug-related offense, you can lose your driving privileges for up to 2 years. The consequences of this offense are potentially life-changing; you can’t afford to take any chances.

Cocaine Distribution Defenses in Bergen County, NJ

A cocaine distribution charge is a much more serious offense than a simple possession and may even be charged as a crime in the first degree in certain situations. You need the expertise and dedication of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to minimize the damage this will have on your life. Sizable fines and a lengthy prison sentence are certainties if you are found guilty.

Frank T. Luciano will carefully go over all of the details of the case to ensure that all procedures were properly followed and that your rights were never violated. He may be able to make a motion to suppress evidence that was unlawfully obtained. After an exhaustive review, Mr. Luciano will advise you of your best legal options, whether that be taking your case to trial or negotiating a plea bargain. He will never try and make you choose an option that is not in your best interest.

Free Consultation with Paramus Cocaine Possession Attorney Frank T. Luciano

Frank T. Luciano’s number one goal is to keep your record clean. A guilty conviction could negatively affect the rest of your life, from where you can work to where you can live. If you have not reviewed the details of your cocaine possession or distribution charge with a lawyer, you must immediately do so. There are many factors governing your case and you need the dedication and expertise of an experienced attorney to help you understand all of your options. Contact Frank T. Luciano’s law firm as soon as possible for an initial consultation at 973-471-0004.