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Frank T. Luciano, P.C. Experienced Bergen County and Passaic County Attorneys Specializing in Complex Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense with an Emphasis on Drug Defense and DWI/Drunk Driving

Today, more than ever before, big government and big business continue to trench upon the sacred rights and privileges that you have enjoyed historically as an American citizen. The government is able to electronically monitor your home, telephone and e-mail, and inspect your garbage, kick down your doors and invade the sanctity of your bedrooms as well as the protected relationships you have with your lawyers. It can even take your blood for DNA testing and archiving, if you are convicted of a crime as insignificant as possession of a small amount of cocaine to be used for personal consumption. In other areas, it closely regulates your businesses and financial affairs with a total indifference to your economic needs.

Big business breaks you down in the workplace and, when it has had its way with you, disposes of you like a dirty-old rag. In the marketplace it picks your pockets with manipulative advertising and steadfastly refuses to give you a fair return on the goods and services you purchase with your hard-earned dollars. And, when you are lucky enough to have a contract or some well-settled legal principle to protect your rights, these overbearing merchants will try to sledgehammer you into defeat with an army of lawyers and a bottomless war chest.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in a legal controversy with either of these two giants of politics and commerce you will soon learn that the most powerful weapon in your ill-suited arsenal is your right to a jury trial. This organic right is preserved for us by both the federal and state constitutions. Its core concept requires that every factual issue in most all legal controversies must be decided by a jury of your peers and not by judges who may be influenced by the chilling pressures of big government or big business.1 Over two hundred years ago, Thomas Jefferson, one of our most beloved advocates of freedom observed that

” I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.”

The law office of Frank T. Luciano, P.C. is committed to the singular purpose of preserving the integrity and vitality of the American Jury System. This commitment to this sacred institution is not just some idle chatter or an ambitious marketing scheme. Frank T. Luciano has been working in courthouses across the state of New Jersey for over 33 years. He has published books in his central practice areas and has lectured in most of these areas:

Frank T. Luciano participates in regular programs and seminars offered by continuing legal education associations and is also a member of the country’s leading trial lawyer associations, including the American Trial Lawyers Association (now known as the American Association for Justice), the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Legal Committee of the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws, the American Bar Association and New Jersey State Bar Association, in which he is a member of special sections including: The Criminal Law Section, the Municipal Court Section, and the Construction section. Recently, he began publishing a monthly column in a local newspaper.

Frank T. Luciano has invested his time and his effort in these special endeavors to make sure that he has the skills to maximize his clients’ returns and minimize his clients’ exposure in any legal contest, and to secure forever the notion that this country is better controlled by “WE THE PEOPLE” and not big government or big businesses.