Bergen County Criminal Defense Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights

There may not be a more vulnerable period in your life than when you are charged with a crime. Suddenly, everything you’ve worked for and everything you love is in jeopardy. A conviction could lead to jail time, fines, difficulty obtaining employment and host of other problems that may plague you for decades to come. It’s at this moment where you need the best possible criminal defense.

For over 40 years, NJ criminal defense lawyer Frank T. Luciano, P.C., has been defending clients throughout all areas of Northern NJ, including Bergen, Passaic and Hudson counties. He is highly skilled and experienced at earning favorable verdicts for his clients, allowing them to avoid jail time and move on with the rest of their lives.

You don’t want this one-time mistake or lapse in judgment to be something that you regret for the rest of your life. Mr. Luciano’s selectiveness in the clients he represents and causes he champions guarantees you his undivided attention. His singular focus is to earn you the best possible legal resolution so that you can go back to your home, work and family without the threat of incarceration hanging over your head. He is an experienced trial attorney with a special emphasis in criminal prosecutions and complex civil litigation. He represents clients in an extensive list of charges, including:

Mr. Luciano has enjoyed over four decades of successful criminal defense because of his abilities to negotiate favorable plea deals with prosecutors and because of his skills as a trial attorney. He has a complete understanding of the legal system, he knows how prosecutors think and is able to leverage his combination of expertise and experience to give his clients the advantage in court proceedings. Give yourself the best possible chance at avoiding jail time and hefty fines by selecting Frank T. Luciano for your criminal defense.

Expert New Jersey Legal Defense in Bergen, Passaic and Hudson Counties

Once you’ve been charged with a serious crime, the next few choices you make are critical and could shape the rest of your life. One of the worst decisions you can make is to choose to defend yourself without the aid of a dedicated criminal defense attorney. There are thousands of nuanced laws and court procedures that require years of education and experience to fully grasp. The prosecution will not go easy on you because you are inexperienced or unknowledgeable. You need the guidance of a legal expert on your side.

But there is no time to waste. The prosecution is building a case against you, and you need to begin working on your defense. If you value your freedom and your lifestyle, you can’t afford to gamble by not calling Frank T. Luciano. He will explore your case from all angles, advise you on the best defense strategies and assist in reducing your charges, minimizing your sentence or proving your innocence. The proper legal defense could mean the difference between a few years of probation, a few years in jail or a not guilty verdict. Don’t take any chances with your life. If you’re facing criminal charges in Hackensack, Paterson, Jersey City or anywhere else in NJ contact Frank T. Luciano, P.C. immediately at 973-471-0004 for an initial consultation.