Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking Defense Attorney in Elmwood Park, NJ

Underage drinking may seem like nothing more than an innocent rite of passage for teenagers, but it’s illegal in New Jersey and can leave a permanent mark on your son or daughter’s record. If your child has recently been arrested for underage possession of alcohol, purchasing alcohol, misrepresenting his or her age to purchase alcohol, or consuming alcohol in a vehicle or public place, you would be wise to hire an experienced NJ juvenile crime attorney to represent their best interests.

Teen drinking is a significant public health threat, so the state is sure to come down hard on your son or daughter to make sure it doesn’t happen again. A conviction will lead to a permanent criminal record that will appear on background checks conducted by educational institutions and potential employers. You don’t want your young son or daughter to be held back because of a silly youthful mistake.

Hackensack, NJ criminal defense attorney Frank T. Luciano has represented underage drinkers in court for nearly four decades. He will craft a defense strategy for your child to help him or her keep a clean record and avoid several other potential punishments.

Prevent Teenage Underage Drinking from Following Your Child

The mistakes we make as children often haunt us well into adulthood. If you don’t take immediate action to protect your teenager from this underage drinking charge, he or she will continue to have to answer for it years later.
According to state law, any person under the age of 21 who knowingly purchases, possesses or consumes alcohol is guilty of a disorderly persons offense. In addition to a criminal record, your son or daughter could face several other punishments including:

  • A $500 – $1,000 fine.
  • Suspension of driver’s license.
  • Postponement of driving privileges.
  • Participation in an alcohol education and treatment program.

While your child is not likely to be facing any jail time, you certainly want to avoid any of the above-mentioned penalties. The inability to drive may impact his or her employability, the potential fine is expensive, and a criminal record, no matter how minor it may seem, will not help in the future. As a caring parent, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your son or daughter can avoid these penalties and move forward with their life.

Protect Your Child Against Hackensack Underage Drinking Charges by Calling Frank T. Luciano

Don’t assume that you have no case and don’t rush into a plea agreement before contacting an attorney. In almost all cases of minors drinking, there are legal options that may be more appealing than simply accepting a plea deal and/or whatever sentence the judge chooses to hand down.

Frank T. Luciano is prepared to use his near 40 years of NJ criminal defense experience to guide you and your child through this difficult time. He will work tirelessly to find a way to ensure that your son or daughter is not haunted by a criminal record. But it’s up to you to take the first step in protecting your family by contacting Frank T. Luciano immediately at 973-471-0004.