Legal Malpractice

Skilled Mahwah Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Most lawyers have their clients’ best interests in mind and adhere to a code of ethics and values that mandate that they put their best effort forth when representing a client. Unfortunately, there are some attorneys who fall short of this mark due to negligence, incompetence and carelessness. More often than not, this type of representation will end with a poor result for you, perhaps costing you money, jail time or any number of other legal consequences. Thankfully, when you feel that your New Jersey attorney has not acted in your best interests or performed adequately, you have the right to file a legal malpractice claim against him or her.

But the lawyer you choose to guide you in your New Jersey legal malpractice case is critical. New Jersey legal malpractice attorney Frank T. Luciano has represented countless clients in cases of this nature throughout the state of New Jersey, including in Hackensack, Paterson and Jersey City. The results of poorly managed and lawyered case can be devastating in multiple ways, but you don’t have to stand idly by when Frank T. Luciano is on your side.

Presenting Your Paramus Legal Malpractice Case

It is not easy to prove guilt in a malpractice suit. You must show that your lawyer acted negligently in his or her duties, and that this negligence was the reason why you lost your case. This often involves going back into court and proving conclusively that other attorneys in the same position would’ve acted differently, thus changing any verdicts and settlements. Just as with other types of malpractice suits, every lawyer has a standard of care to adhere to, but this is not always easily definable.

Some common examples of legal malpractice include, but are not limited to:

  • Overbilling.
  • Failure to file a lawsuit or motion by a deadline.
  • Failure to notify client of settlement offer.
  • Failure to present adequate evidence at trial.
  • Making costly errors in drafting contracts, wills, trusts and/or other legal documents.
  • Ignoring or overlooking an upcoming statute of limitations.
  • Failure to review and/or disclose a potential conflict of interests.
  • Failure to return phone calls.
  • Misrepresentation of lawyer’s or firm’s experience or expertise.
  • Disclosing information that is protected by attorney-client privilege.

Hackensack Attorney Frank T. Luciano Fights for Clients’ Rights in NJ Legal Malpractice Cases

For nearly four decades, Frank T. Luciano has tirelessly defended the rights of individuals and corporations in legal malpractice cases. Whether it be in personal injury suits, estate law, criminal defense, or any other area of the law, you deserve competent and effective legal representation. If you believe that your lawyer has fallen short of his or her duties, you should immediately seek recourse.

You may be able to win a financial recovery or a reversal of your legal decision. Additionally, your case against your lawyer may result in disciplinary actions against him or her and prevent the same thing from happening to someone else. Frank T. Luciano is ready to review the details of your case, determine if you have a valid legal malpractice case and discuss all of your potential legal strategies. But you must take the first step and contact the law offices of Frank T. Luciano immediately at 973-471-0004 for an initial consultation.