The Drug War

If you, a family member or friend have been arrested for a drug-related offense, there is a good likelihood that you will be convicted, and if you are, you may be subjected to a term of imprisonment, a significant license loss, a large fine and other consequences that can seriously affect the stability of your lives. The experience can be so mind-numbing that your first reaction may be to succumb to the government’s accusations.

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New Jersey’s DWI Survivor Guide

The information contained in this free book will assist you in identifying the major issues in alcohol-related cases.

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Violation of Probation Cases in New Jersey: A Primer on the Process and Consequences

Violation of Probation Cases in New Jersey: A Primer on the Process and Consequences Free Book: Violation of Probation Cases in New Jersey: A Primer on the Process and Consequences

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Legal Malpractice

In the United States, there are over 5,000 legal malpractice cases per year. On average, the plaintiffs in these cases were awarded under $100,000 each for their claim. Unfortunately, there is not exact number attached to the plaintiff’s success rate in these cases. Below is a table that illustrates the type of legal malpractice claim and the ranking it was assigned in the United States.

 Type of Ranking Rankings
Fail to Know/Apply Law1
Planning Error2
Inadequate Discovery/Investigation3
Fail to File Documents4
Fail to Calendar5
Fail to Know Deadline6
Failure to Obtain Client Consent8
Conflict of Interest9
Fail to Follow Instructions11
Fail to React to a Calendar12
Malicious Prosecutions13
Error in Record Search14
Clerical Error15
Improper Withdrawal16
Libel Or Slander17
Civil Rights Violation18
Tax Consequences19
Error in Math20
Lost File and Document21
Poor Communication22
Work Delegated to Employee23
Work Delegated to Outsider24

Walk the Chalk Line or Else!

New Jersey’s Contractor’s Registration Act and Consumer Fraud Act can be lethal traps for an unsuspecting home-improvement contractor. These laws are extremely consumer friendly and can produce liability beyond belief, even for innocent mistakes.

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New Jersey’s Construction Lien Law: A User’s Guide

New Jersey’s Construction Lien Law This is a book by Frank T. Luciano which discusses the New Jersey Construction Lien Law. This book is designed to assist home improvement contractors in ensuring that their rights are protected. Frank T. Luciano is an attorney in Bergen County, New Jersey who has over 30 years of experience including protecting the rights of home improvement contractors.

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